January 2019

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Living with Depression & Anxiety – The only safe place…

It’s common for other’s to think that depressed and anxious people are shy and avoid ‘social’ behaviors but that’s not always true. It’s one of the things I struggle with daily. I believe that to “prove” I’m depressed and anxious I must exhibit the generic depression and anxiety symptoms that others would expect. When in fact, most of the time I’m naturally loud and the more stressed I am, the louder and funnier I become.

Anxiety Depression Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Living with Depression & Anxiety – What did you say…?

Many depressed and anxious people perform incredible feats of emotional daring to make themselves appear “normal”. They fake illnesses so you’ll accept their excuses. They’ll hide behind alcohol, recreational drugs, obsessive routines, work-a-holism, arrogance and avoidance to make sure that you don’t make ripples that their “jerry-built” boats can’t handle.