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No-one understands me…

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Living with depression and anxiety - diary of secrets

When you live with depression and anxiety it’s just possible that you might be the only one who doesn’t understand. Recently, I’ve been lead into thinking about those of us who haven’t recognised they have an illness and as a consequence spend all their time pissing everyone off. Putting it tersely, people living with depression […]

Who can you believe…?

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Depression and anxiety - Diary of Secrets

When you live with depression and anxiety it’s difficult to know which expert to believe. Firstly, this week I have to thank every one who responded to last week’s blog on emotional dreaming. (Click here if you haven’t read it and want to.)   Believe it or not, the feedback you give me is very special […]

The great buck up! – Living with depression & anxiety

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Daisies on white

If you’ve ever suffered with a mental illness there are a number of phrases you get to hear with mindless repetition.  My personal favourite is the “don’t be ridiculous” which highlights the complete lack of understanding of the stater whilst managing to completely demean the sufferer. The great Buck Up however is the desire of […]