A Diary of Secrets
by Deb Shugg

A diary of secrets 1

If you’ve ever felt that your life is worthless, that you are so badly broken you’ll never be more than you are today, or that God has abandoned you, then this is the one book you MUST read.

Transcribed from what Deb calls her “service manual” (a journal she kept when she felt no-one would listen or at the least understand) this account of her journey through Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is as heartbreaking as it is inspirational.

Not written as a novel, but as an entry-by-entry diary which courageously reveals intimate moments of triumph and despair, helplessness and hope.

An Excerpt from A Diary of Secrets.

My first anxiety attack in a local shopping centre when I was 27, heralded a warning of the storms to come that would completely destroy both me and the perfect life I had created. Who could know that eventually I would be willing myself to die just to escape the agony that facing each new day created.

What I never knew was that it was in those storms I would rediscover the memories, tears and shame that I had fought all my life.

It took many years to discover me and for most of that time I would need to travel alone. My journal would be the only place my mixed up thoughts and feelings would be welcome. A place where words and tears could flow freely as I travelled the journey I never wanted to take and felt anguish like I could never have imagined.

It was on that journey that I found myself broken and empty and was able to return home, whole.

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