Living with depression and anxiety?

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I’d been defeated. Completely broken. Completely useless.

Having a depression and/or anxiety disorder does not mean that you are unintelligent or less valuable.  And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to settle for second best.

Researchers suggest that there is a strong correlation between the behaviour of the endocrine system (the thing that regulates hormone activity in your body) and mental health.  This is not something over which you or I have any control!   We’re not insane. We aren’t “whack-a-doodle” and it’s certainly not our fault – even if we are overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and guilt!

So what do we mental health survivors need to do to achieve in a world that sees not coping as a contagion that needs to be quarantined?  For some, there are times when just getting through another day or minute or second is too hard to think about.  If that’s you, and you’ve got this far through today, you’re an achiever!

I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that at times has completely debilitated me.  And yet, I have raised 2 children and built a successful business.  Was it easy?  Not really.  Did it mean that I had to work harder than the average person?  Probably.  Did I think it wasn’t possible?  Most of the time! Do I still suffer from symptoms?  Yep.

On the inside of me and YOU are unique gifts that are personal to us.  Tapping into those gifts is extremely difficult when you believe that if you expose them, you’ll die.  Or that people will find out the ‘truth’ about you. Or that you’ll just have to give them up so disappointment won’t overwhelm you.

I can’t fix mental health.  But I have learnt to live with it in a crazy, not always predictable and sometimes downright scary way that I’d like to share with others looking for a way forward.

If you’re looking for a way to navigate life and use your talent, maybe I can help.

Debs : )

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