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Depression and Anxiety

What feelings are these…?

by Deb Shugg
Living with depression & anxiety - The Diary of Secrets

When you’re living with depression and anxiety it can be difficult to understand your own feelings. Depression and anxiety have a tendency to make even the smallest things seem like a big problem. So it’s no surprise that the people around us may, from time to time, get a little confused. Between making mountains out […]

Who can you believe…?

by admin
Depression and anxiety - Diary of Secrets

When you live with depression and anxiety it’s difficult to know which expert to believe. Firstly, this week I have to thank every one who responded to last week’s blog on emotional dreaming. (Click here if you haven’t read it and want to.)   Believe it or not, the feedback you give me is very special […]

I’m firing my amygdala…!

by Deb Shugg
living with depression and anxiety - diary of secrets amygdala

When you live with depression and anxiety there are times when everything just gets too much. It’s true, the past few months have been pretty tough for me personally. The reasons behind it are a long and complicated so I’ll spare you the details because in truth, the reasons are irrelevant. So it’s with much […]

We are who we are…

by Deb Shugg

When you live with depression and anxiety you can’t be just anyone. This week Mr. Wonderful and I were eating dinner in our local Chinese restaurant and discussing a new medication I’d been prescribed. It’s been almost a 12 month journey while my doctor mixes and matches medications to work out exactly what will work […]

Keep it tidy…!

by Deb Shugg
Diary of secrets - living with depression and anxiety

When you live with depression and anxiety tidiness is next to errr… well…, being tidy. It’s well known among my friends that I have a need for things to be tidy and, I’m not that keen on germs either. I’ve been known to wash my pegs, clean up a meal while people are still eating […]